Time for a reboot!

The information you will read below is true. Nothing has changed, I’m still an adult with a disability with a rich life, etc., etc. What has changed is my intent for this blog.

I am no longer interested in providing meaningful and insightful commentary on the world around; that was laborious and, to be frank, not very interesting. Instead, I will use this blog as a vessel to speak from the heart. I’m sure there will be mistakes made and opinions which may offend others. For that I am sorry not sorry. Read with caution has these are the thoughts of one man. I won’t speak for others and you are free to disagree.

I’m not going to complicate this: simply put, I am an adult male who uses an electric wheelchair to get around. I have a family. I’ve lived a fairly interesting life and my experiences have given me some pretty interesting ideas and perspectives about the world. That is what I will write about.

Don’t worry, this is not another “disability” blog. You will not read any motivational stories about overcoming obstacles in the face of adversity, and I will not focus on my disability other than it obviously influences the way I perceive the world. At times I may be funny, serious, morbid, silly, aggravating, insulting, positive, and pretty much every other description you can imagine.

I love to inspire people to express their feelings and I often do so by being provocative – “playing the Devil’s advocate”. I hope you enjoy whatever follows and please comment on a blog, that’s kind of the whole point.