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Joo’wanna ride in my love Matchine?

Oh, to be single, again…. Well, at least for one night. It looks like the city of Toronto is hosting a very unique event:

An orgy specifically for people with disabilities, how awesome is that? I can tell you that in my experience there are often two extremes of sexual conduct for people with disabilities: those who are virgins, but really want to get into some freaky shit, or those who are already into some freaky shit. Seriously. I don’t know many people with disabilities who don’t have a real imagination when it comes to sex.

Sexual creativity comes naturally to us. When you think about it, we already have to think outside of the box (no pun intended) because most of us have to find a way around, or way to incorporate, a physical anomaly. On top of that, because we put so much fucking effort into convincing potential sexual partners that we are a viable option, we make a special effort to make sure they have a good time so they keep coming back for more.

This orgy is real progress. As the article states, most orgies or activities that are sexual in nature do not incorporate PWD’s. But now we’re “coming out of the closet” (sometimes literally), and perhaps this event will make strides towards acceptance of disabled sex as part of the mainstream instead of “the fringe”.

I do have to say, though, I’m glad that they have invited and asked for able-bodied persons to attend, either as sexual participants or helpers. Otherwise there might be a lot of bumping wheelchairs instead of bumping genitals.

Sounds fun, anyway. Maybe I can convince my wife that I need to attend from a professional point of view…. I have a feeling if I pursue that road, I may be single, after all.

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